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Students in a Science Class

At NGK we aim to stay true to our mission with providing our kids the pathway to become amazing young adults. A few members of our board of directors came together to create Next Generation Entrepreneurs (NGE). 

This program is designed to educate, inspire, and reach our pre-teens attending the camp and in the community. With the help of our Career/Entrepreneur Volunteers we provide onsite educational experiences for the kids to see what professionals do on a day-to-day basis. They also see how these professionals and business owners assist in helping our communities thrive. We do understand that not all kids want to grow up to be an athlete and many have a wide array of skills and interests they have yet to tap into. The NGE program aims to spark that interest in our youth early so when we ask "What do you want to be when you grow up" they will be able to answer. 

During our summer camp, many of the youth will volunteer at nearby children hospitals to see what the day of a nurse is like and how exciting this career can be. Many professionals from the fire department, police department, business owners, and music industry have agreed to volunteer their time and resources to come in and do career insight days at the center for our kids. 

If interested in becoming a volunteer and contributing to sparking a light in a child's future please visit our volunteer page and sign up.    

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