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Committed to Families

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Studies show that the state of Florida has the 3rd largest number of children who are experiencing parental incarceration. We understand how this can take a toll on kids education, social behavior, and bonding skills.

We at NGK Camp are committed to reconnecting families. Therefore, we initiated the NGK Reconnection Program. One Saturday a quarter we charter a bus and with the custodial guardian permission we take the kids and guardian to visit their parent that is incarcerated in the Tampa, Orlando, and Polk county facilities.  We try to assist families with keeping the lines of communication connected.  

Along with quarterly face to face visit (With Custodial guardian permission) we also offer:

  • Kids the opportunity for virtual visits with parent

  • Kids can hand write letters to their parent with NGK Camp providing all stamp/postage

  • Holidays the kids make cards to send to their parent

  • And much much more!!

If you interested in volunteering to assist us with the visit or simply preparing lunches the day before for the kids, please visit our volunteer page  for requirements and to submit a  Volunteer application 

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